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The New Global Existence

Hacker the outlaw Chronicles by Ted Dekker

This is a very surprising book. It is a mixture of science fiction, a chase, tech, hacking and really cool spirituality. It is a great read with a very powerful message embedded within a fascinating  high tech hack the status quo  story. I had never read Ted... read more

The Cuba Show

The opening of Cuba seems all about more tourism, legacy building for Obama and regime support. Not much in terms of political and economic freedom. There have been more then 3,000 politically motivated arrests in Cuba since Obama announced the opening of... read more

Angry imitators

I wonder if many of the big the problems on this planet have to do with people not honoring their greatness,uniqueness and creativity. We go out into the world looking to fit into other people’s game while ignoring our game and who we are. It is a form of... read more

Taxing the rich, Come on Man stop it

Taxing the rich is just a cliche. It does not make any sense. You cannot take way  through taxation the incentives to invest and create jobs from those that create the real wealth in this country. If one  continues raise taxes on the rich and the productive... read more

Bye bye Dictators may oil prices continue downward

I hope the price per barrel of oil reaches $20. I would like to see those highly corrupt oil dependent regimes brought down to their knees and back to reality. Their friends and allies like governments, financial players and business groups that have partner up with... read more



In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

Albert Einstein

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert Einstein