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Government after  government, regime after regime in most of the world is the business of making money for themselves and their friend becoming extraordinarily rich. We all know it but yet we act like it is not happening hoping the next group of character that move into the presidential palace will not steal as much and they steal even more. The population of most countries sit their and watch this show over and over  without much  action no consequences to perpetrators. It is like a city where murder is not punished, imagine. Latin American has pretty been stolen in last 30 years so is the majority of the third world. How about Russia, the Arab world, etc. It is amazing to me the levels of corruption on this planet  no punishment. How about at least returning the stolen asset? Why not at least chase them down and have then return the money. It would create a precedent and the fear of severe consequence for future governments. We need a global group therapy to figure out why we permit such atrocities in total silence. Imagine a world without corruption.