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It is time that corruption is chased all over the world. I believe that transparency is the new killer app. Politicians and their friends continue to steal whole countries all over the planet. Why do we stand there and watch these global train robberies? Not only do we just observe but in certain cases we kiss up to them like the Russian Oligarchs, the Venezuelan Dictators and their cronies, etc. I would love to have Bloomberg and Forbes create a clean version of the Billionaires list.
You cannot compare Bill Gates, Steve Jobs that have create extraordinary value through their products and companies with all these corrupt billionaires that made their money overnight by having their friends in government give them contracts they do not deserve and government own companies for a kick back like in the case of Mexico and Russia. We need to change culturally by admiring those that are transparent and go after those that have stolen the future of many generations in their respective countries.
The world is being stolen slowly in front of our eyes. Lets not blame entrepreneurs and decent business people that are risking their capital and time for the current global inequality. Corruption is the most dangerous thing happening. Its consequences are inequality, destruction of the environment, poverty, wars, inflation, revolutions, economic stagnation, immigration and massive deaths like in Venezuela and Syria. Como on! We can’t be that dumb, time to wake up.

Transparency is the New Global paradigm of living.