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The New Global Existence

Corruption-How about a Luxury tax

I think it is time to attach a luxury tax and a cap on government related corruption. Since it seems that nobody cares and we are not discussed enough to do anything about it, at least lets bring into the light, tax it and cap it. I proposed that over one billion in... read more

I want my money back-The transparency chase

It is time that corruption is chased all over the world. I believe that transparency is the new killer app. Politicians and their friends continue to steal whole countries all over the planet. Why do we stand there and watch these global train robberies? Not only do... read more

Screw it, Lets do it by Richard Branson

Richard Branson is the Mick Jagger of business. A cool and ageless character bucking the system and simply playing the game on his own terms. He has really turned  business and making money into  a cosmic game of monopoly. He is a business pirate. A master mind at... read more

The Book “Life” by Keith Richards

I always wondered how the Rolling Stones continue to fill stadiums, have the attitude and energy of teenagers while in their late 60′ early 70’s. After reading this book you realize how and why. These guys live a care free life, always connected to their... read more

The Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford

If you want to understand how automation and robotics will affect your life and that of your family in  the immediate future read this book. Example  Narrative science data driven story telling software among the many powerful trends that will affect society... read more

Cartel Land the documentary

This documentary is a must see. It is about the growth of vigilante movements both in Mexico and the USA borders. People taking matters into their own hands to defend themselves mostly against the Mexican Cartels. They feel that government is not there for them. I see... read more



In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

Albert Einstein

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert Einstein