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The super delegate system in the Democratic Party seems highly unfair to those new voices wanting to break in and challenge the establishment and So is the broker convention on the republican side. The fact that these two schemes are now at the forefront of a nationwide political discussion seem to me to be part of a larger global trend. People are inquiring into how the American political system really works and to whom it favors. Around the globe we are also starting to see the same dynamic looking political and economic systems that are tilted in favor of small groups that in certain cases are highly corrupt, inefficient and out dated.
The Internet is slowly exposing how the game is real played. Examples are the impeachment procedures in Brazil and the uncovering of one the biggest corruption scandals in the history of this country’s national oil company Petrobras. We also have the ransacking taking place in Venezuela by a narco military gang. The Panama papers exposing the Putin regime’s dark financial practices and China’s communist party corrupt dealings. In the USA we see the increasing role of money in buying and selling of policies, corporate favors and the acquisition of politicians through campaign financing. Transparency is finding the right technology to expose the most destructive disease on this planet “Corruption”. We are heading into exposed times. Peek a boo- we are watching you.