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There is big demographic Tsunami about to hit the planet. It is the shift towards an aging population. It is a global, political, social and economic game changer. The ramification in terms of health care is significant. The ramification for the family is more serious. It is an issue that is hard to tackle because we have a hard time dealing with our own aging and death.  It is a population segment that most people do not what to acknowledge nor serve. I have always wondered why more entrepreneur are not trying to exploit is extraordinary global opportunity. I think that has to do with what I just mentioned before the denial of our own aging. Yes, there are many ways to start to solve the many problems this challenge will bring to us. A good place to start is to change our perception of how we relate to aging and to people that are getting older. I would like to change how we call somebody that is not young; a person that is above sixty years old I will call from now on a “wise” person. Now we need to make being “wise” very cool, admired and respected like it is in Okinawa, Japan were people live the longest in the world. Maybe being young is over rated.