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The New Global Existence

It is a sad day Mandela Leaves.

I did not agree with his politics but I admired his courage and commitment to his believes and political views. It is rare to experience the life of such a person and especial now where no body believes in any thing other then there own accumulation of power. He was a... read more

Is it dangerous to become to civilized?

In a world that is becoming more and more barbaric is it dangerous to become too civilized? The reason why I ask this question is because I think that those that become highly civilized lose their ability to defend themselves from barbaric behaviors in the forms of... read more

We want our money back-Lets call out corruption

transparency is the killer application. I am tired of the small  % of gangsters on the planet stealing the people’s money. I think it is time we get our money back. This means that we stop being victims and co conspirators  by looking the other way... read more

Imagine a corrupt free world?

This is a John Lennon type question. But this one is harder to imagine. A world in which people in government would focus exclusively on creating great services and making their countries exceptional places to live for many generations to come. If any one person,... read more

How will Robots treat us?

I was watching a story on 60 minutes CBS on the subject of robots. It really confirmed to me that we are going into mega paradigm shift that will affect all aspects of our lives. Work will not look like anything we currently know. Will we need to work? who will get to... read more

You are watching us but we are watching YOU

Transparency is starting to reveal the dark side of governments and power groups. The breakdown of the political establishment in the middle East seems to be part of the pattern. We are  better informed about the different corrupt activities and players in Latin... read more



In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

Albert Einstein

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert Einstein