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Two films “Limitless” and “Lucy”, which  were not box office hits, have intrigued me. I really liked both films to the point that I have seen them several times.  These two films deal with characters that take voluntarily or involuntarily substances that permit them to tap into 100% of the brains potential and what happens when they do. I thought about my interested and attraction to this subject matter? I realized that it’s my desire to figure out a way to expand my own levels of consciousness, talents and overall potential. I feel like we are all stuck in a low gear and that there is a lot more to be accesses in terms of our humanity and potential but the path is not quit clear on how to go about it in a relevant time. I wonder if in our lifetime will we be able to reach the full capacity of our brainpower through a combination of inner transformative work, physical and  mental exercises and the help of non-harmful drugs/supplements. In meantime we are left with watching “Limitless” and “Lucy” which helps me continue to explore and imagine the possibility of this reality becoming true.