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This is the real “Rocky” of business. The life of Reginald Lewis.  In 1992 Forbes Magazine listed him among the richest 400 Americans. The story of a black man that came from nothing to become a power player in the financial industry, among his acquisitions Beatriz Food, a global company. A man’s determination and drive to brake through the barriers of a white dominated money world. They tried to exclude him from participating in deals. He did not work. This is predicable. What is surprising are the many that jumped in to help and support him in becoming extremely successful, among them Michael Milken the famous financier and Phyllis Schless the investment banker. They should do a movie on the life of Reginald Lewis, by the way he looked like Denzel Washington. The movie would be a mixture of Rocky and a formula one race. Read this book it is great. Every person needing inspiration or feeling like an underdog ought to read it. Forget about athletes being role models for kids, this is the real role model.






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