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I believe we have two options either exterminate them completely which I think is almost impossible or we stop supporting the regimes that create the despair and lack of hope that turns terrorism, death and being a  suicide bomber into an attractive option.  I vote for number two.The middle East is controlled  mostly by a few ruthless families and groups  that do not seem to be interested  in giving their people a life worth living. I would say we start by getting ride of them first so this region can flourish, become democratic,  open and economically fair.  Another interesting point is that some of these countries that are creating the appropriate  environment for the growth of terrorism are also financing them, probably with the money we pay for their oil. We are stuck in a stupid, dangerous and expensive cycle. I believe  extremist are  a small portion of the overall Muslim population but extremely angry, poor and with no hope of a quasi decent life. If the right and humane conditions are created these groups will have no reason for being. I agree that this could be naive of me. But one thing is for sure what we are doing now is not working.